Who Can Greatwood Help?

Greatwood’s educational programs are inclusive and are designed for young people aged 5-24 with cognitive, physical, emotional and social challenges or disabilities.

Greatwood has worked successfully with children and young adults with a variety of SEND ranging, but not limited to:

Low confidence and self-esteem is a significant issue within the cohort of vulnerable groups that Greatwood serves, often displayed in a variety of challenging behaviours, and which can affect young people’s progression into education, employment and training (EET). Greatwood’s programmes support young people’s personal development and individual resilience resulting in more sustained transitions to EET with a particular focus on support for those furthest from the future workplace due to vulnerabilities, learning difficulties or social exclusions. Positive aspirations are crucial for young people’s future success; what people aspire to do as a child is linked to what they do in later life, and low aspirations lead to poor academic attainment and professional achievement.

Greatwood aims to help those who are, or have previously struggled in mainstream education; these students have may have suffered significant harm, loss or trauma during their childhood; or may suffer from medical conditions, all of which affects them through to adulthood and manifests as low self-esteem. Our innovative, personalised programmes not only help the young people but those that work with them at school and in the care system too, providing comprehensive support. We run credit based learning programmes for KS4 learners most at risk of disengaging; these courses are especially suitable for those learners following an alternative curriculum or who are at greater risk of exclusion. Greatwood’s ‘Get Going’ programme is aimed at KS5 learners and NEETS, and we are now seeing attendees that more than likely would not have secured employment, entering the work place as a result of this programme. In addition volunteering and holiday programmes are also available; for 2015/2016 Greatwood will be offering apprenticeships; a Level 2 educational programme; and we will be developing a more cohesive progression for students going from Primary education into Secondary education.