A's personal poster for his annual review of his EHCP (Education, Health and Care Plan) he said that his "certificate from Greatwood was his greatest personal achievement". I thought it was a striking statement from him! Doing the course has definitely strengthened his belief in life and the wider world and also provided him with a 'calmer' place in himself as he can be very anxious. Doing the courses has also had a lasting impact on two other learners: both children struggle to access the mainstream curriculum and social environment but really 'shine' when they go to Greatwood; they know that they are able to access the activities successfully and fully engage in the learning therefore they are left with a true sense of personal achievement and inclusion.

Staff that I came up with from the mainstream school last year always comment on the patience and empathy of the staff at Greatwood - particularly our school pastoral assistant; it was one place that she witnessed the disaffected Y6 boys engaged, motivated and smiling!! Staff from the Speech and Language Resource are always really sad when the course has been completed and I think much of that (apart from getting the opportunity to come to such a lovely environment) is the luxury of seeing the children from the Resource being given real understanding, patience and space to engage in valuable activities that they can access successfully without the perceived pressures and expectations of the school curriculum. Maggie Ingham, Teacher in Charge of Winchcombe Speech and Language Resource

Uplands School is extremely grateful for your co-operation and commitment, in supporting our young people achieve and have these wonderful and meaningful life opportunities. The skills learnt mean each individual will be ready to embrace the next part of their learning in a happy and positive manner. Lin Mitchell, Assistant Headteacher and Lisa Randall, Transitions Manager from Uplands School

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for your efforts last week in making Get Started with Horses a truly beneficial and inspirational course. The young people left Greatwood full of hope and a sense of achievement thanks to everything that you did for them. We received such a warm welcome from the very beginning and you could not have done enough for us. You were always there with a ready smile and a wonderfully positive attitude to help our young people feel valued, cared for and respected. Your efforts and attitude instilled in them a sense that they belonged and most importantly, could achieve anything that they put their minds to. I am very grateful for all your hard work in making this course one of the best in my opinion, that The Prince’s Trust has to offer young people who are faced with barriers that stand in the way of them leading fulfilling lives. Marguerite Doherty, Princes Trust Programme Executive

I am writing to express both my appreciation and my gratitude for all the wonderful work that you do supporting children in Wiltshire with significant social, behavioural and emotional needs… The impact of your interventions can be significant in raising these children’s self-esteem and feelings of self-worth. It helps develop their learning and their ability to learn new skills through listening, following instructions and co-operating. Strategy Manager Primary Behaviour Support, Wiltshire Council

Greatwood are a well-established charity and delivered a very high quality programme on behalf of the Trust. The venue, facilities and resources they possess enable them to run a successful programme. The farm served as a great environment for our young people to work in. Greatwood’s connections in the industry meant they could include valuable parts of the programme including a visit to a training yard, a session with a farrier and a session with a vet.
The educational department at Greatwood were excellent. Their capacity to run the programme meant I could rely on them to deliver high quality sessions and manage behaviour of our client group. The staff who form the education department at Greatwood have very well suited experience. Laura has a background in teaching and Chris has a background in sports coaching, so both are well suited to working with young people in this capacity. They both have a great manner with the young people.
They also offer volunteer placements to young people who express enthusiasm and motivation. This serves well as a progression for some of our young people and increases the value of Greatwood to us as a delivery partner. The staff were very aware of the Princes Trust’s aims and readily discussed potential progressions for the young people. In summary Greatwood are an excellent delivery partner and our hugely valued by the Princes Trust. I would recommend them as such to anyone wanting to work with them in this respect. Jaison Van Den Bosch, Programme Executive - Get Started Programme, The Prince's Trust Bristol Centre

Kerry, 17, from Swindon has experienced family troubles during her time at school which disrupted her education. As a result Kerry underachieved at school. She also experienced bullying and found her self-esteem and confidence was very low and she found that she was depressed. Kerry was extremely shy and found new social situations very scary.
Kerry had always had an affinity with horses and when she heard about the Get Started with Horses course she immediately showed interest. Kerry felt very intimidated by the large group but after the taster day she felt more at ease with the group. She attended the Get Started with Horses programme and completed the Level 2 Horse Care qualification attached to the week. Completing the week long course represents a huge achievement in itself for Kerry. But she surpassed herself and went on to join the Princes Trust Team programme. She is now in week 9 of the Team programme and is feeling more confident and has come out of her shell and has made more friends. She feels she can achieve her goals now and wishes to go on and volunteer. Jaison Van Den Bosch, Programme Executive, Get Started Programme, The Prince's Trust Bristol Centre

We have seen progress in the boys; they are more tolerant of each other. The best bit was seeing them trust the animals and this will help them build more caring relationships with people.” Horse Power makes a real difference to the lives of the young people it serves, one school with particularly troubled children

… not only is she enjoying it with you but we have been able to reintegrate her back into English Maths and Science lessons as a result of her feeling generally more cared for and wanted. Another student, bless, her enjoys Greatwood to the point that she is considering Lackham next year and an animal care course. John Bentley School, Calne

I cannot believe the difference Greatwood has made. A school refuser attended Horse Power and afterwards was able to successfully go back to school. Her Head Teacher remarked

Greatwood came to my attention through Wiltshire Behaviour Support Service; identifying that some children in our school find full tine mainstream education challenging, it was decided to offer an alternative provision in the form of a Nurture Group. The Greatwood Horse Power Programme provides the same structured and multi-sensory curriculum as our Nurture Group; however the environment provides new and exciting learning experiences that our school setting could never offer….. Attending Greatwood has given all the children real experiences that they can discuss with their peers and provide life long memories…..As a professional who works exclusively with challenging children within a mainstream setting, I have found Greatwood to be a fantastic learning experience for the children and for myself. Each child has benefited from increased empathy, over-coming anxiety to improve self-discipline skills. The skilled teaching staff have, through observation, given me new strategies and ideas to use in my own setting. From all the children and staff at Amesbury Primary School a big thank you. Maxine Handley-Wells, Pastoral Support Manager at Amesbury CE Primary School

One of my students attended the Horse Power programme and coming to Greatwood was the glue that held his year together. Colin Taylor, teacher at Hardenhuish School

I cannot believe the difference Horse Power has made - where all other school based support has failed Greatwood gave her confidence to have a go and her self-esteem rose. She made her first attempts at independent writing and came to school with a smile on her face for the first time ever. Headmistress of Ogbourne St George School

I have seen definite improvement with Meggie, she has recently begun starting conversations with me!!! I was so thrilled and Greatwood is usually the topic of conversation. A great start for her, I want to try to keep the momentum going and therefore the photos would be a fab addition. Vivienne Fitton, Inclusion Co-ordinator, Devizes School

…we have seen a really good improvement in his behaviour and his ability to listen more closely to instructions before acting, since he has been coming to you. We are hoping to send him to you again later in the Summer Term, I hope you will have space for him then. Headteacher, Shalbourne Primary School

Our students attending the Horse Power programme at Greatwood have found their voice. It has developed their communication, confidence and self-esteem, providing a safe, whilst challenging environment to enhance their learning potential. Vivienne Fitton, Inclusion Co-ordinator, Devizes School

Greatwood has my enthusiastic support for their marvellous work with horses who have given all of us so much pleasure during their racing careers and who are all too easily forgotten when their racing days are over. John McCririck, Journalist, Broadcaster and Racing Pundit

Once you have seen first-hand what a fantastic job they all do at Greatwood you will not hesitate to want to help, just as I did. To see the smile on the childrens’ faces when they are around the horses, makes you feel as though you have made a really big difference. Mick FitzGerald, Grand National winning jockey, author and broadcaster

It was indeed my pleasure to join you and see what good work you all do there. I have of course known all about Greatwood but had never been up close and personal before. Besides the well-being of your equines the joy you have given to those children is inspiring. I had a good time chatting to children, helpers and the odd parent afterwards and one girl in particular showed exactly how you and the animals can totally change a life around. Sadly I forget her name but her mother asked me to have a photo with her and while we chatted the daughter told me she went for many years refusing to talk to anybody until you unlocked the shutters that had caused her to choose silence. We were able to chat and laugh together and it humbled me. Richard Pitman, BBC Broadcaster & Author

Many pupils have become more compliant with each other as well as happier to communicate with adults. Rowdeford School, Devizes

Student Feedback from ‘Get Going’ programme, August 2015

19 year old refugee from Sudan, who had to flee his war-torn homeland on his own four years ago, now wishes to pursue a career within the racing industry having completed the Get Going programme. Abdul (referred by Swindon Care Leavers)

Being on jobseekers sometimes makes me feel a bit of a failure and a burden on society. But you have all made me feel so welcome and happy. I have much more hope for my future now I really think / know that working with horses is what I want to do. It has taken me so long to figure this out, so thank you so much you have helped me more than you know. Another student, unemployed Sarah G (referred by Jon Centre, Melksham)

Sarah has already been in touch and would now like to volunteer at Greatwood.

I have definitely become more confident around horses thanks to Greatwood and I am now considering a job within the equine industry or possibly teaching because I have been so inspired by the teachers at Greatwood. I also suffer from Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (which effects the connective tissues in the body) and I rely on painkillers everyday however since I have been at Greatwood this week, this is the first time in four years that I haven’t had to take any medication. I think being around the horses has released natural endorphins because I feel so relaxed and happy. Thank you for the incredible insight into the racing industry. You have helped a lot. Sarah D (referred by supporter worker at Foyer Foundation) told Greatwood

Thank you for being so welcoming to a complete novice. I found this course more rewarding than anything else I have done before and I am now considering a career in the equine industry. You have given me access to a whole new career path that I never thought I’d have the chance to go down. Sam R (referred by Inner Flame)

I have enjoyed Greatwood hugely and my confidence has grown. I have loved my week here and I don’t want to leave. I would like to work with horses and come back to Greatwood. Louise H (referred by Job Centre, Swindon)

Being at Greatwood has made me feel a lot more confident and I have achieved more than I thought I would and could. Shania L

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