Success Stories in Re-homing our Former Racehorses

Please see below a selection of our many success stories

He's Mine Too (Henry)

He’s Mine Too (Henry)

Age 12 years - Rehomed 8th August 2015

Henry was rehomed to a wonderful carer in August 2015. Over the past 2 years they have been on an interesting and fruitful journey. Henry was scared of lots of things- mud! But they have had lots of time together exploring the Cotswold countryside. He has an ongoing respiratory problem, but it has stabilised well, and has needed no veterinary intervention.

Quote from Henry’s carer:

"Greatwood have been very supportive, always happy to offer advice, we look forward to their annual visits, so we can show off how we are progressing. I cannot imagine not having Henry in my life now, he’s cheeky and playful, and once you have built a bond with a thoroughbred, you have a partner for life."



Age 13 years - Rehomed 11th July 2015

Zero is a 14yr old Irish TB gelding who was rehomed in August 2015 after being returned to Greatwood from a previous home. Zero’s carer marked out a dressage arena in the field until eventually, Zero could manage a prelim dressage test. They had show jumping lessons with Katie Williams and completed a couple of local one day events as well as several fun rides and recently won an 80cm pairs hunter trial. They have decided to take it easy with the jumping now and are going to concentrate on dressage and keeping calm.

Quote from Zero’s carer:

"Zero is a stunning and sensitive horse who helps to keep me level headed and he is doing wonders for my core stability."



Age 5 years - Rehomed Spring 2017

Zero’s carer then wanted another project wanting a younger horse to hunt, so she contacted Greatwood again in early spring 2017.

Comment from Jeff’s (and Zero’s) carer:

"I cannot thank Greatwood enough, this horse has been amazing. From a horse that could barely trot a 20 metre circle and had hardly seen coloured poles or cross country fences he has improved every single time I have ridden him. He has already done several fun rides, two cross country competitions, autumn hunting and spent a weekend at Pontispool camp learning so much new stuff."

Mistress Polly

Mistress Polly (Polly)

Age 15 years - Rehomed 19th October 2013

Polly is known to be a bad tempered mare to handle, however, once you are in the saddle, all is forgiven. As her wonderful carer knows Polly is brave and sensible and nothing phases her. She is bomb proof in traffic, can be taken anywhere and she doesn’t put a foot wrong. They have been to camp, sponsored rides and go out and about in the lorry to ride in different places. Polly loves to jump and enjoys her schooling, she is full of character and very much decides when it is time to move on!!

Quote from Polly’s carer:

"I am blessed to have been given the opportunity to have this horse in my life - I adore her. Thank you Greatwood."