Former Racehorses Welfare

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Tricky Boy

Arrived 20 December 2011

Tricky Boy was brought from a dealer and upon delivery the lady was shocked at his poor condition. Unsure as to how to nurse him successfully back to health she called us. Helen went straight over to see him in order to offer some advice but decided with the blessing of the lady the right thing to do was to bring him back to Greatwood.

That afternoon Tricky Boy saw the vet and was diagnosed with a heavy worm burden and riddled with lice. With lots of TLC and again with help from the Shetlands he has made a full recovery.


Arrived in April 2010

We received a call from the R.S.P.C.A asking if we could take Lucayos in. His companion had already collapsed in the field and had to be put to sleep. Luca was malnourished and infested with lice resulting in him losing his coat. With some help from our ‘Nursemaids’ in the shape of the Shetlands we managed to nurse him back to full health.


Arrived 27 February 2009

Whiskey was a victim of a breeder going bankrupt. He was just a 2 year old Colt. Tiny in size and barely strong enough to walk onto the lorry unaided. We didn’t think he would make it. After daily visits from the vets and lots of TLC Whiskey has made a full recovery and grown into a big strong horse.

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