How Your Donation Can Help

It costs £23 per hour per learner to deliver our education programmes

£5.00 donation

Some of the children on Horse Power sessions have never met a horse before. £5 pays for a body brush, brushing a horse makes both the child and the horse feel at ease with each other helping them to form a bond.

£12.00 donation

Horses can be extremely malnourished when they arrive at Greatwood. £12 pays for a bag of feed allowing us to nurture them back to their ideal weight.

£17.00 donation

Tetanus is a bacterial disease that can affect horses badly. £17 will pay for an injection for one of Greatwood’s horses to be protected from tetanus; this has to happen regularly, as sadly tetanus is fatal.

£30.00 donation

Children and horses can behave unpredictably together. £30 pays for a helmet for each child as safety is the most important thing in any Horse Power session.

£49.00 donation

Greatwood does not charge for any Horse Power sessions. £49 pays for each child to attend for one session that is individually tailored to meet the special needs of each child.

£120.00 donation

Horses with weak flat feet or collapsed heels need specifically designed shoes. £120 pays for a new set of these remedial shoes that prevent further painful problems.

£390.00 donation

Most of the children we help attend Horse Power sessions for a whole term. £390 pays for a child with special educational needs to spend enough time with our horses for changes in behaviour to develop.

£3,500.00 donation

Kissing spines can be extremely painful for a horse. £3,500 pays for an operation to cure a case of kissing spines, because of the age and condition of our horses; we have on average 3 cases per year.

£8,000.00 donation

Every horse that comes to Greatwood needs special care and attention. £8,000 pays for Greatwood to care for a horse for a year.