Tom's Success Story

Tom was finding school increasingly challenging and hard, largely because with his diagnosis of Asperges and Attention Deficiency Hyper Active Disorder (ADHD), he was becoming uncommunicative and withdrawn. Tom’s school referred him to Greatwood because of his growing frustration and isolation within his peer group.

Sometimes, and inexplicably, there can be a communication between a certain animal and child, this was the case with Tom and a big old grey horse called Ard (pictured). A bond grew quickly and somehow this gave Tom his ‘raison d’etre’. He was transformed in just a few weeks, his confidence grew in leaps & bounds and he is now playing with his school friends and is altogether a happy and contented little fellow.

At the end of year Presentation Day in July, Tom was all smiles and simply said: "Greatwood saved my life".

Tom with Ard at Greatwood

Tom with Ard at Greatwood Charity