Winter Appeal

Greatwood Winter Appeal 2022

Bed, Breakfast and Dinner

Following a reprieve from COVID-19, Greatwood has forged ahead with new programmes, partnerships and collaborations; horses needing our help have entered the charity, a number have been successfully rehomed to wonderful new carers, and we were able to hold our first Presentation Day for two years, to celebrate the achievements of our learners. All of these successes are thanks to you and your support.

The one uncertainty beyond our control is the weather which throws a different challenge our way each year. This year it was the prolonged dry spell which turned our usually green fields brown, meaning we had to use precious winter feed out in the field. This weather also had an impact on crops, so the cost of hay and straw has increased.

You can help us immensely, by supporting the winter costs of the horses, which reaches over £1,000 a week.

  • £17.50 would pay for a bag of Dodson & Horrell feed, we use 4 bags a day
  • £45 would pay for a bale of haylage, we can use 5 bales a week
  • £60 would pay for a bale of straw, we use 6 bales a week
Greatwood Winter Appeal 2022